What is EXTN?

ExtensiveCoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency with latest technology to ensure a secure Network.


ExtensiveCoin aims to be used as a payment method on our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange to make payments for coin listings on this platform. ExtensiveCoin also aims to build a PoS cryptocurrency pool.

ExtensiveCoin is a cutting edge cryptocurrency with features like coin mixing also called obfuscation, instant transactions using instaX. ExtensiveCoin has a scare and limited supply which will provide stability.

ExtensiveCoin features masternodes which help the network to perform services like Darksend and Instantx fast transactions. Masternodes are paid rewards for contributing the network. With a Masternode collatery of 350 coins you can run an ExtensiveCoin MasterNode and earn a passiv income.

ExtensiveCoin also has PoS where users can generate rewards for themselves by staking coins.