Masternodes for Everyone

EXTN’s incentivised layer of “masternodes” dosn't only provide efficient, reliable and advanced services to the network, but create a circulating coin supply that is attractive to emerging markets, help provide the coin price stability needed for mass-market adoption, and reward quick investors and enthusiastic supporters with a better passive income.


ExtensiveCoins’s next-generation peer-to-peer payments network has one of the fastest transaction confirmation times, arguably the fastest in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Users can rest assured that they don’t have to wait several hours or days for their transactions to go through. EXTN is hard-coded to financially reward incentivised individuals who actively protect the ExtensiveCoin network. The Masternode owner operate servers that remain online, performant, and on call at all times, all over the world, in order to guarantee that EXTN transactions execute instantly, privately and safely.

Dissimilar to single layer structures like bitcoin, where diggers willfully bolster the system as long as their hardware is aggressively performant and beneficial, and where changes to the code require protracted timeframes and entangled hazardous procedures between parties who don't generally concur, ExtensiveCoins' paid masternode layer, a subsidiary from Dash, implies EXTN can scale more proficiently and send benefits more rapidly than a blockchain run totally by unpaid volunteers.

Besides, the ExtensiveCoin organize rewards masternode proprietors all the more much of the time and liberally that some other system today, so there is no danger of not having enough masternodes, and by having a whole boosted circulated system of servers each holding a full duplicate of the blockchain and working for EXTN 24x7, the engineers can depend on them to rapidly send any extra new component they wish, and additionally guarantee that the execution of cutting edge highlights like instaX and Darksend is ensured.


Investors may choose to run their own masternode on there personal PC, or have a hosting provider handle everything for them for a small monthly fee, allowing investors with no technical background a chance to profit from one of the most compelling passive income investments opportunities available in the cryptosphere today.