Upcoming Swap

We are proud to announce the upcoming developments and plans for ExtensiveCoin . 

ExtensiveCoin EXTN would be swapping to a more fully-featured,robust and more powerful Blockchain on Coinexchange.io exchange. The swap would be a 1:1 swap and all un swapped coins would be burned by the exchange. This swap is done to introduce new features and improve the overall coin. The swap date is yet not decided and we are in contact with the exchange about it. There would be certain changes that would take place and these changes are illustrated in the table below.

Legacy(old) EXTN

Premine 140,000 coins
Hardcap 560,000 coins
Pos 99%
Block time 64 seconds
Pow previously,now full POS

All new updated EXTN blockchain

Premine 200,000 coins*
Hardcap 1,680,000*
Block time 90 seconds
1 coin block reward,Masternodes 85%,POS 15%
Complete anonymity achieved via DARKSEND
Lightning fast transactions using INSTANTX
MASTERNODE collateral- 350 coins

*A premine of 200,000 coins would be included in the newer blockchain which would be used to swap EXTN coins from older blockchain in the ratio 1:1, All un swapped coins would be burned by the exchange.

*Hardcap would be increased to 1,680,000 coins from 560,000 coins to ensure that we don’t reach the Hardcap too fast.please note this would not change the current circulating supply, it would only change the max number of coins that would ever be produced.

How to prepare for the swap

Transfer all coins from your Desktop wallets,web wallets,pos staking pools,paper wallets etc to Coinexchange.io account before the swap date(yet to be decided)
You can also buy coins from the exchange and hold it there for receiving the new updated coins.
After the swap is over you are free to transfer back your EXTN coins to new wallets and stake it/build masternodes and profit from the passive income generated.
This update would be followed by listing on more exchange,advertising and promotional campaigns by which we target higher involvement of a large audience as well as ensuring long term evolution of the coin.
we hope you would like our new update and upcoming developments,we would love to see you in our community, to stay in touch please join our us on socal media. For any other questions,suggestions,feedback or comments please feel free to contact us.